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AppsDBA Resource Profiler

The AppsDBA Resource Profiler is a perl based extended SQL trace interval resource profiler. The resource profiler will parse an Oracle event 10046 level 8 or higher trace file and create an interval resource profile for each session found in the trace file. It will also produce tkprof-like statement totals sections for all recursive and non-recursive statements. This can help in comparisons of accuracy between tkprof and the resource profiler output. In general, you will find that the resource profiler is more accurate than tkprof. The AppsDBA Resource Profiler supports extended SQL trace files from version 7 through 11g.

Output can be generated in either text format or W3C HTML 4.01 compatible output. The profiler requires perl to run. Additional help is available in pod (plain old documentation) format and can be displayed by running the resource profiler through perldoc (e.g. perldoc An "installation" screen has also been added here to help with setting up the required packages in perl.

The latest version now supports Oracle 11g. The "PARSING IN CURSOR" and "PARSE|EXEC|FETCH|UNMAP" lines have changed in Release 11g. The AppsDBA Resource Profiler has been updated to handle those changes.

Utility Source: resource.tar.gz

Example Output:

Resource Profile Text Output

Resource Profile HTML Output

Trace File Event Timeline

A new version of the AppsDBA Resource Profiler is now available that supports the ability to create a trace file event timeline. This version requires the perl GD module in order to create the graph.

Detailed installation instructions are available here.

Utility Source: resource_event.tar.gz

Example Output:

Resource Event Profile Text Output

Resource Event Profile HTML Output

Trace File Execution Tree

This perl utility will parse an extended SQL trace file and create an an indented listing of PARSE, EXEC and FETCH statements with recursive and exclusive times summarized for each depth.

Utility Source: sqltree.tar.gz

Example Output:



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