The Application DBA  

Database Utilities

This section includes "interval monitoring" based utilities and the AppsDBA interval resource profiler. These utilities have been used on many systems with excellent results and are fully compatible with the latest Oracle database and Oracle Applications releases. The utilities are non-intrusive, and do not require any modifications to existing database schemas.  While many of the components are UNIX based for OS information and administration, they will function in an NT environment with some modification.  Where appropriate, we have included tips on how to do this.

WORKMON - Workload Characterization For Oracle Databases

WORKMON is a workload characterization tool for Oracle databases.

SQLMON - SQL Monitoring For Oracle Databases

SQLMON is a database utility that is meant to provide short term interval monitoring of SQL statements to allow the DBA to identify poorly performing SQL.

AppsDBA Resource Profiler

The AppsDBA resource profiler is a perl based extended SQL trace interval resource profiler. The resource profiler will parse an Oracle event 10046 level 8 or higher trace file and create an interval resource profile for each session found in the trace file.


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