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Code Snippets

This is a new section for the web site. The purpose is to make available code snippets that can be plugged into applications as needed. All code available in this section is offered free of any copyrights and can be used as you see fit. Unless otherwise mentioned these are all original works, but may have been inspired by others.

As always these code snippets are offered as is, with no warranty expressed or implied, so your use is at your own risk.

SQL Code Snippets

Some SQL code examples from the many different SQL scripts we've created over the years.

PL/SQL Code Snippets

PL/SQL code snippets and routines. We've even included a package template.

Java Code Snippets

A couple of handy Java routines.

Scripting Code Snippets

We've taken some of the more interesting code examples from our utilities and put them here.


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