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Oracle SQL Scripts

xplan scipts - Various dbms_xplan scripts
trace scripts - Various extended SQL trace scripts
top sessions - Top sessions scripts
lockmon.sql - An oldie but a goodie. Shows locked objects and supports RAC.
ges_locks.sql - RAC script to show GES locks (cross instance based locks)
dispusr.sql - Query to display details of all sessions. Very useful for quickly finding the SID, Serial# and SPID of an Oracle session.
table_details.sql - List table details
waits.sql - Show session waits (current and cumulative).
libcache_lock.sql - Nice script to display library cache lock/pin blockers and waiters.
objcache_dep.sql - A query that will map library cache objects back to user sessions.  Very useful if you've ever tried to compile a package and been hung on a "library cache lock".
libcache_pin.sql - A query to help determine which objects should be pinned based on the objects currently loaded in the library cache.
tsmap.sql - Tablespace space map, dynamic SQL to handle autoextending tablespaces.  This has been fixed to handle datafiles that are manually resized larger than the MAXSIZE setting.  Tablespace totals have been recently added.
tsmap9i.sql - Tablespace map using just SQL. For Oracle 9i and higher.
ts_storage8i.sql - Display tablespace storage info for an 8i database.  Includes support for locally managed tablespaces.
asm_info.sql - Query to display ASM information.
cpu_test - Script to generate a theoretical maximum number of logical I/Os on a single CPU.
session_time.sql - Script to format v$sess_time_info.
recovery_file_dest.sql - Display v$recovery_file_dest space usage.
show_space.sql - Based on Tom Kyte's original version, this one also displays SecureFile information.
unloader.sql - A modified version of Tom Kyte's PL/SQL unloader script. It is also available on Tom's site here.


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