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Technical Papers

Oracle Instrumentation, featured in the IOUG SELECT Journal, First Quarter 2009

Oracle Workload Characterization Presentation - Presented at the November 2006 Northern California Oracle Users Group meeting.

Oracle Workload Characterization - This paper is a follow on to the "Oracle Workload Measurement" and is the next step in the workload management process. Featured in the IOUG SELECT Journal, Second Quarter 2007 and presented at the 2007 Hotsos Symposium.

Concurrent Manager Queue Overlap Analysis - A paper describing how to manage Oracle Applications concurrent manager queue workload through a new technique called Queue Overlap Analysis.

Oracle Workload Measurement - A paper that describes Oracle workload measurement. Presented at the Hotsos 2005 Symposium and the May 2005 Northern California Oracle Users Group meeting.

Oracle Workload Management Using Time Based Optimization Techniques 

Oracle 9.2 Event 10046 Segment-level Statistics

Creating A System Identifier For Oracle Applications Systems

Please note that there was an error in both of the documents below!  I mistakenly referred to FNDMDCMF instead of FNDMDGEN to generate the message file on the forms server.   Sorry for the inconvenience.

NCA System Identification (Displaying database name) - As featured in the January 2000 issue of the OAUG Insight.

Oracle Applications Environment Management White Paper

Other Papers/Presentations

Oracle Database DBFS Hierarchical Storage - Presented at Open World 2012

Oracle Instrumentation Presentation - Presented at Open World 2011

Oracle DBFS Hierarchical Storage Presentation - Presented to the OAUG DB SIG at Open World 2011

Oracle DBFS Hierarchical Storage Overview Paper

Trace Event Timeline Presentation - Presented at the OpenWorld 2009 OAUG DB SIG

Oracle Log Buffer Queueing

OAUG Fall 2002 DB SIG Presentation: Finding Apps Users

OAUG Fall 2001 Training Session: Getting All The Pieces: Reliable Backup/Recovery (Power Point Show - 138K zipfile or PDF format - 3909K)

Release 11 Cloning -  A summary put together by Brian Meyette paper on cloning a Release 11 system.  Brian put this out to the oaugnet-dba list and we offered to host it here for him.

ADPATCH Basics -  An excellent paper on patching by Sean Tuck.  This paper was handed out by Oracle Support at the 2000 Philadelphia OAUG Conference.

OAUG Spring 1999 paper, Sizing Oracle Applications Projects, A Technical Perspective

OAUG Fall 1995 paper, ORACLE7 I/O Monitoring - the original Workload paper.


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