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Database Performance Sites

bullet Hotsos - Specialists in Oracle performance management.
bullet Method R Corporation - Cary Millsap's latest adventure in Oracle performance.
bullet Orapub - Craig Shallahamer's Orapub site is an excellent reference of perfomance papers, tools, and classes.
bullet Ixora - Steve Adams' site.  An excellent resource for Oracle internals information.
bullet Rightsizing Inc. - Very close friends who are the best in the business. If you have VLDB issues or need expert development help take a look at these guys.
bullet Singing SQL - Dan Tow's web site. The expert on SQL tuning and SQL diagramming. Check out his new book on SQL Tuning.
bullet ORAFAQ - Your Portal to the World of Oracle.
bullet Tanel Poder - Expert Oracle internals information.

Oracle Applications Related Sites

bullet OnCallDBA - Barbara Matthew's site with her excellent papers on concurrent manager administration.
bullet Solution Beacon - 11i Installation and upgrade experts.

Oracle Corporation Sites

bullet Metalink - Oracle Support's on-line site. A must.
bullet Technet - Oracle technical reference site.   Products, documentation, white papers.
bullet Oracle Documentation - Oracle product documentation.
bullet AskTom - Tom Kyte's great site.

User Group Sites

bullet OAUG - Oracle Applications Users Group
bullet OAUG Database SIG
bullet OAUG Upgrade SIG
bullet IOUG - Independent Oracle Users Group


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