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This section details the utilities now available as the Oracle Management Tool Suite on under the orautil project.


A great replacement for oraenv. This utility handles all the environment variables and for sites running multiple versions of Oracle it will handle SQL*Net listener, Oracle Names, and Intelligent Agent environment setup.  It has been updated to work with the bash shell and Linux.  It will also set up EBU and RMAN environment variables (see the script header for details).  In addition, NLS parameters are handled specifically based on database version.


An even better replacement for dbstart/dbshut. This script will perform start/stop/status commands for one or more Oracle server databases and utilities, and supports multiple Oracle versions.   In addition, this utility will control Oracle Applications concurrent managers, SQL*Net listeners, Oracle Names servers, OEM Intelligent Agents, OID, Oracle OEM Management Server, and Standby/DataGuard databases.  It can also perform additional database commands (for use with backup utilities) and can be used for machine startup and shutdowns to control all database server utilities including 10g and ASM.  As with orasetup, dbcontrol has been updated to work with the bash shell and Linux.


A script to control starting and stopping of Oracle Application Server processes, including all versions of 10g AS, stand alone OC4J and Oracle HTTP servers. Similar to dbcontrol, this utility can also be called from dbora to handle machine boots.


A log delete utility that will manage the $ORACLE_BASE/admin directory and will copy and delete all database log files (e.g. alert logs, dump files, listener logs, etc.) based on configurable time frames.


An unobtrusive korn shell script that will scan the alert log, DataGuard log and the background dump files for errors. If found, they can be emailed to you for your review. This script is designed to be run through cron on a daily/weekly basis on the database server.


A UNIX script to delete standby/DataGuard archivelog files once they've been applied.


A modified version of Oracle's dbora script. Supports Linux and 10g CSS startup issues and supports both dbcontrol and ascontrol for both database and application server support.


A database backup utility that supports all versions of RMAN, Oracle7's EBU and several flavors of generic backups. This utility is korn shell based, provides a directory with recovery scripts that can be used in conjunction with the backups and even provides simple Windows based scripts that mirror the functionality of the korn shell scripts.

Sysmon - Workload Monitoring For Oracle Databases

Sysmon is an interval based Oracle database workload monitoring tool that consists of a database procedure that "snaps" file I/O and database statistic information. Sysmon provides long term workload and capacity planning information.

Spacemon - Segment Space Monitoring For Oracle Databases

Spacemon will historically track database segment growth, including changes in storage parameters and extent allocation. It is meant to be run at specific intervals, and includes a space report that will summarize overall database space, will identify any segments that can't extend due to tablespace limitations or that are reaching MAXEXTENTS, and will list all segments that extended over the last collection period and their "space history".


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