Trace Event Timeline, Part 1

I was working on a problem recently where a process was “slow”. So naturally I got one of the DBAs to trace a sample of one of the runs and we took a look at it. The interesting part was that it was about half and half between SQL*Net message from client and CPU (EXEC statements). It turns out that the process would do a bunch of database work very fast and then just pause, issuing statements but much more slowly, and then it would speed up again. Naturally everyone blamed the database, but from the trace file one might assume that it was at least partly a client issue. The problem was that from the trace file there was no way to tell that the behavior was “skewed”, running fast then slowing down then running fast again.

This led me to thinking that it would be very handy in some cases to know a little bit more about when certain events occur within a traced session. Some of our famous brethren will usually say that that’s just a scoping problem, and while that is probably true, in the real world it’s not always so obvious, or easy to do something about. So I decided to modify the AppsDBA Interval Resource Profiler to see if I could create an “Event Timeline”. The following is the result:


The idea is that the graph displays the event totals in a timeline as they occurred. It seems to make it easier to determine roughly when actions took place. In other words, is there event skew? Not skew for a particular event, which is what the Hotsos/Method-R Profiler gives you, but across the entire trace interval. The timeline should help determine if all of the activity took place in a small set of intervals, or evenly across the whole interval, or perhaps like my original problem in spurts. The resource profile that goes along with this graph looks like the following:

                          Total Event  % Event    Total  --------------- Cumulative ----------------
Event Name                 Time (sec)     Time   Events  Avg Time(sec)  Min Time(sec)  Max Time(sec)
------------------------  -----------  -------  -------  -------------  -------------  -------------
SQL*Net message from         0.801698    77.92      262       0.003060       0.000280       0.150290
SQL*Net more data from       0.132364    12.87      520       0.000255       0.000003       0.019935
CPU Service                  0.058989     5.73      478       0.000123       0.000000       0.010998
unaccounted-for              0.033580     3.26
library cache pin            0.000746     0.07        4       0.000187       0.000147       0.000254
library cache lock           0.000610     0.06        3       0.000203       0.000161       0.000237
gc current grant busy        0.000563     0.05        1       0.000563       0.000563       0.000563
SQL*Net message to           0.000285     0.03      262       0.000001       0.000000       0.000031
SQL*Net more data to         0.000016     0.00        1       0.000016       0.000016       0.000016
------------------------  -----------  -------  -------  -------------  -------------  -------------
Total                        1.028851   100.00    1,531

I’ll have more to say about this in the near future.

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