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The web site has been in existence since 1998. When it started it focused on Oracle Applications technology and architecture. It has evolved over the years, expanding into performance related topics with emphasis on response time optimization, workload and capacity management and workload characterization. Just as the Oracle Applications product line has evolved into the E-Business Suite, Fusion Applications and the myriad of additional products that Oracle has purchased over the years we have evolved as well. Recently more emphasis has been placed on system management and offering tools and information related to managing database systems in general.

Over the years experience has led to the realization that it is the role of the application DBA that provides the best chance for designing and creating well performing applications. Systems that perform well are designed that way and are equipped with the tools to allow the performance architect to quickly gather the information necessary to identify problems when they occur. We believe that the only way to do that is to get the application developer involved early in the performance process.

This site contains technical papers, SQL scripts, DBA utilities and general tips that have been created supporting real world Oracle and Oracle Applications environments. We are even venturing in to the Open Source craze with the orautil project at Some of the many utilities that have been offered previously are now available as Open Source and we have some new ideas and offerings in the works.

Hopefully you can find something useful here and if you like what you see please spread the word.

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